• Get paid in Backstage

    •   Yala Backstage is a direct-to-fan marketing platform dedicated to artists. It's free and easy to use!
    •   Jump in and you become part of Yala, the place to be to promote and monetize your music in the Middle East & North Africa.
    •   Yala's commitment to you: you get paid everytime your music is played on Yala and YouTube! As Yala is a SACEM compliant service, authors & composers can also easily collect their royalties in the region.
  • Monetize your content
    on Yala, YouTube & Facebook

    As a YouTube Music Partner, Yala creates your official YouTube channel and helps you monetize your video content on a revenue sharing basis.

    We grow your business online and develop new revenue streams while you get paid for every piece of music that's played on Yala and YouTube!

    You get 50% revenue from ad-supported streaming, ad-sponsored download and premium subscriptions. And you earn income even from free downloads.

    Elissa, Nancy Ajram, and Ragheb Alama are already running with Yala.

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  • Build your online presence

    Make your voice heard online with three tools.

    •   We conceive your website and design your official mobile application so your fans can keep track of your tracks, albums, biography, pictures and new releases.
    •   You create your artist profile on Yala with: your biography (in 3 languages), discography, videos, pics, lyrics.
    •   Yala Backstage helps you manage and update your artist profile anytime from a personalized interface.
  • Manage your e-reputation

    Our challenge: redirect your audience to your official social network profiles.

    Our method:

    1. Build up and optimize your social web presence

    We delete the unofficial videos from YouTube as well as unofficial profiles and pages on Facebook and Twitter, verifying your social network profiles.

    Heads-up! We also remove all links indexed by Google to material that infringes your copyrights.

    2. Secure your online presence

    We protect your art and keep your e-reputation solid.

  • Boost your fan club & income through ad-sponsored download

    Turn your public into die-hard fans!

    Yala Backstage keeps your fans loyal to you by offering them free ad-sponsored download.

    Earn income from free download

    Get 50% revenue from ad-sponsored download. It's a win win combination for you and your fans.

  • Keep up with your fans

    Spread your art around the world. keep your community updated on your latest releases & news with:

    •   Mobile notifications to keep your fans updated while on the go.
    •   Regular emails on your activity.
  • Make your music go viral

    We offer you a fast, free, and easy way to get your world of music online, and grow your fan base:

    •  Your Facebook player to allow fans to discover your music, play and download your tracks and albums, and share them with their friends.
    •  Your YouTube Channel to join the 1st artists’ channels network and spread the word about your latest releases.
      • Give your fans a seamless experience, and make your music go viral!

  • Promote your latest releases with Backstage's only paid service

    Spread the word about your latest releases, your videos and upcoming events through innovative and powerful ad campaigns.

    Yala Music sponsors artists with:

    •   YouTube Ads (Google AdSense for videos)
    •   Facebook Ads
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